AEROTHOTIC Slit Flair Ladies Comfortable Fashion Sandals - Original Thailand Imported - L0407

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AEROTHOTIC Quinn Ladies Casual Comfortable Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - L0507

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AEROTHOTIC Mellow Vibe Women's Comfortable Casual Flip Flops - Original Thailand Imported - L0306

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براہ راست آرڈر کے لئے پُر کریں

Particulars: Experience unique solace with our slit flair style sandals for ladies. Anatomically planned sandals with cutting edge polyurethane innovation demonstrating shield against foot torment, knee pain, back agony, plantar fasciitis and other foot related issues.

Style:  An agreeable expansion to your Casual or Semi – Casual look.

Upper material: Kneaded thread finishing on the upper surface for additive support.

Platform Material: Polyurethane gel mixed cushioned sole secured with synthetic leather. Adjustable metal buckle rivets on the edge of midfoot to let sandals get adjusted according to the width of midfoot.

Heel Height (inches): Upto 0.8” approx...

Season: Summer, Spring and Fall closet must have.

Width: Measures around 3.4” approx...

Arch Type: Highly supportive for medium arches.

Size:  Offered in whole sizes (6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11).

Weight (Pair): Weighs approx.… 0.90 lbs.  

Available colors: Wine, Tan, Black.  

Platform Style:  Extended profound microfiber domes on the platform covering forefoot typically targeting the pressure points to reduce uneasiness. Leaf – shaped scraped outsole providing stability and traction from uneven surfaces.

Heel Cup: Deep heel cup supports the alignment of hindfoot.

- We unequivocally prescribe new purchasers to wear Aerothotics a few times enabling them to get adjusted to your feet accordingly. Within two weeks your feet will encounter the emanation of comfort and support.

- Avoid cleaners with acid or cleansers, since they can harm the wear and tear of these sandals. Utilize a wet cotton material, if necessary, to clean dust and dirt.

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