AEROTHOTIC Skepp Gents Ultra Soft Casual Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - M1001

attic robust m0403 black mens slippers aerothotic pakistan

AEROTHOTIC Attic Men's Durable Fancy Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - M0408

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Particulars: Bump into original comfort with our slip-On style sandals for him. Three – way opening covering the area of midfoot aligned with minute hive - shaped opening allowing your feet to experience utmost breathable atmosphere. Profound micro – fiber domes on the platform of these sandals typically targets the pressure points of forefoot, midfoot and forefoot which ultimately provides sheer care and comfort to your feet.

Material: Leather, Foam, Rubber.

Style:  An agreeable expansion to your Casual or Semi – Casual look.

Heel Height (inches):  Upto 1” approx…

Season: Summer, Spring and Fall closet must have.

Width: Measures around 4.3” approx… (wide width).

Arch Type: Highly supportive for medium arches.

Size:  Offered in whole sizes (6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11).

Weight (Pair):  Weighs approx…1.0 lbs.

Available colors: Black, Brown.

Heel Cup: Low heel cup supports the alignment of hindfoot.

- We unequivocally prescribe new purchasers to wear Aerothotic a few times enabling them to get accustomed to your feet accordingly. Within two weeks your feet will encounter the emanation of comfort and support.

- Avoid cleaners with acid or cleansers, since they can harm the wear and tear of these sandals. Utilize a wet cotton material, if necessary, to clean dust and dirt.

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