AEROTHOTIC Pearly Fume Women's Ultra Soft Casual Flip Flops - Original Thailand Imported - L0313

crystal mist L0312 gold ladies chappals aerothotic pakistan 1

AEROTHOTIC Crystal Mist Ladies Fancy Chappal - Original Thailand Imported - L0312

AEROTHOTIC Thistle  Women's Smart Casual Slip On Sandals - Original Thailand Imported - L0402

AEROTHOTIC Thistle Women's Smart Casual Slip On Sandals - Original Thailand Imported - L0402

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Particulars: Classic thong style sandal has arrived!! The leather padded thong, compact with inner foam surface provides premium support and comfort targeting the pressure points of midfoot. The embossed footprint on the platform typically targets midfoot’s pressure points aiding in plantar fasciitis.

Style:  Casual or Semi – Casual wardrobe must have.

Upper material: Pyramid style upper forming thongs, combined with dual accumulation of leather and foam, attached to the base with a leather support.

Platform Material: Super light-weight midsole with polyurethane technology helping in reducing discomfort on feet.

Heel Height (inches): The heel measures approximately1”

Season: Perfect partner for your feet in Summer, Spring and Fall. 

Width: The width of the platform from the midfoot is 3.75” (wide width)

Arch Type: The arch of these thong sandals highly supports medium arches.

Size:  Available in whole sizes ranging from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Weight (Pair): Weighs around 0.87 lbs.

Available colors: Brown, Blue, Silver.

Platform Style:  Synthetic leather platform with thick scraped outsole. Tattered patches style bottom outsole, to provide strong grip and traction for any type of surface. Hollow U – shaped opening on the lower outsole surface for the sandal to hug the surface with utter grip.

Heel Cup: Deep heel – cup to support hindfoot, aiding in proper alignment of posture.

- We strongly recommend new buyers to wear Aerothotics several times allowing them to get adjusted according to feet.  Within two weeks your feet will experience the aura of comfort and support.

- Refrain from cleaners with acid or detergents, since they can damage the wear and tear of leather. Kindly use a wet cotton cloth, if needed, to clean the dirt or dust.

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