AEROTHOTIC Matt Gloss Women's Ultra Soft Casual Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - L0302

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AEROTHOTIC Slit Flair Ladies Comfortable Fashion Sandals - Original Thailand Imported - L0407

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AEROTHOTIC Mellow Vibe Women's Comfortable Casual Flip Flops - Original Thailand Imported - L0306

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براہ راست آرڈر کے لئے پُر کریں

Particulars: Exemplary thong style shoe has arrived!! The leather cushioned thong, conservative with inward soft foam surface gives premium help and solace focusing on the pressure points of midfoot. The emblazoned impression of footprints on the stage regularly focuses on midfoot's and forefoot’s acupressure supporting in plantar fasciitis.

Style:  Casual or Semi – Casual closet must have.

Upper material: Upper style framing thongs, joined with double gathering of faux leather and soft foam, connected to the base with a leather bolster.

Platform Material: Super light-weight padded sole with polyurethane innovation helping in lessening distress on feet.

Heel Height (inches): The foot sole area measures upto 1” approx...

Season: Perfect partner for your feet in Summer, Spring and Fall. 

Width: The width of the stage is 3.75” (wide width) approx...

Arch Type: The curve of these thong shoes profoundly supports medium arches.  

Size:  Accessible in entire sizes running from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11.

Weight (Pair): Weighs around 0.72 lbs.

Available colors: Silver, Blue, Wine, Purple, Black.  

Platform Style:  Engineered faux leather stage with thick scratched outsole. Worn out patches style base outsole, to give solid hold and footing to a surface. Deep U – formed opening on the lower outsole surface for the shoe to embrace the surface with absolute hold.

Heel Cup: Deep heel – cup to help hindfoot, supporting in appropriate arrangement of stance.

- We strongly recommend new buyers to wear Aerothotics several times allowing them to get adjusted according to feet.  Within two weeks your feet will experience the aura of comfort and support.

- Refrain from cleaners with acid or detergents, since they can damage the wear and tear of leather. Kindly use a wet cotton cloth, if needed, to clean the dirt or dust.

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