AEROTHOTIC Attic Men's Durable Fancy Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - M0408

skepp robust m1001 brown mens slippers aerothotic pakistan

AEROTHOTIC Skepp Gents Ultra Soft Casual Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - M1001

croad m0902 black mens slippers aerothotic pakistan 1

AEROTHOTIC Croad Men's Soft Stylish Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - M0902

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براہ راست آرڈر کے لئے پُر کریں

Particulars:  Versatile slip on style sandals for men!! Combination of synthetic leather and polyurethane gel provides supreme comfort enabling proper posture. Usage of polyurethane gel makes these sandals durable and light weight. The stage comprises of wave - shaped pattern targeting foot’s reflexology, thick outsole for an additive support at uneven or rough surfaces. An adjustable buckle strap on the midfoot to let feet breathe and get adjusted according to the width.

Material: Leather, Foam, Rubber.

Style:  Casual or Semi – Casual Men’s closet must have.

Heel Height (inches): Upto 1.5” approx…..

Season: Perfect partner for your feet in Summer, Spring and Fall. 

Width:  Measures around 4” (medium width) approx...

Arch Type: Highly supportive for low arches.

Size:  Available in whole sizes ranging from 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Weight (Pair): Weighs approx… 1.2 lbs.

Available colors: Black, Brown, Tan.

Heel Cup: Low heel – cup to support hindfoot, aiding in proper alignment of posture.

- We strongly recommend new buyers to wear Aerothotic several times allowing them to get adjusted according to feet.  Within two weeks your feet will experience the aura of comfort and support.

- Refrain from cleaners with acid or detergents, since they can damage the wear and tear of leather. Kindly use a wet cotton cloth, if needed, to clean the dirt or dust.

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