AEROTHOTIC Appian Men's Casual Comfort Sandals - Original Thailand Imported - M0804

tritaw m0803 black mens sandals aerothotic pakistan

AEROTHOTIC Tritaw Men's Comfortable Chappal - Original Thailand Imported - M0803

croad m0902 black mens slippers aerothotic pakistan 1

AEROTHOTIC Croad Men's Soft Stylish Slippers - Original Thailand Imported - M0902

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براہ راست آرڈر کے لئے پُر کریں

Particulars: Appian sandals are created while keeping the warm weather of the summers in mind. These sandals are meant to deal with heat and resist your feet from conditions resulting from retained moisture on the feet. The breathable style of Appian’s upper is there to assist your feet to combat the heat. Simple and sleek upper is perfect for casual use, but you can also incorporate these sandals in your semi-casual outfits. The footbed is a combination of different patterns that are all responsible to maintain a proper gait and provide comfort.

Style:A comfortable addition to your Semi – Casual look.

Heel Height (inches):Up to 1.25” approx.

Season: Summer, spring and fall wardrobe must have.

Width: Measures around 4” approx.

Arch Type: Flat

Size:Offered in whole sizes (39, 40, 41, 42, 43, and 44).

Weight (Pair): Weighs approx. 1.0 lbs.

Available colors: Black, Brown, Tan.

Heel Dome is provided

- We strongly recommend new buyers to wear Aerothotic several times allowing them to get adjusted according to feet. Within two weeks your feet will experience the aura of comfort and support.

- Refrain from cleaners with acid or detergents, since they can damage the wear and tear of leather. Kindly use a wet cotton cloth, if needed, to clean the dirt or dust.

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